A Glossary of Poker Terms and Concepts


Having a basic knowledge of poker terminology can improve your understanding of the game. This glossary will introduce you to some of the most common terms and concepts. It includes information about hand rankings, time bank, value betting, backdoor equity, and more. It also provides clues on how to spot chip dumping and cheating.

Often, a person who plays predominantly online is known by their screen name. In addition, the term “dog” is used to describe an underdog in a game. It is also used to refer to a player who is a loose, aggressive type of poker player.

A player’s bankroll refers to the total funds available for playing poker. The amount of money that a player can bet is determined by the table stakes. This helps to prevent players from wagering more than they have.

The pot is the pool of chips in the middle of the table. The upcard is the card that is visible to the entire table. The flop is the second betting round in a community card game. The third betting round is called the turn. Lastly, the river is the fourth betting round.

An effective stack is the smaller of two stacks in play. This is the same as a pot, but the term is a bit more complicated. It is based on the total amount in the pot divided by the total amount of effective stacks. This is an important calculation in poker because the larger stack cannot wager more chips than the shorter stack.

Depending on the situation, free cards can be good or bad. This is especially true in a draw game where a player may have to draw more cards to complete a hand.

A player’s mental state is also important. The term A-Game is often used to describe the best mental state for playing poker. A player who is mentally unstable is considered to have a C-Game.

A hand is considered to be strong if it holds the best kicker. The kicker is an additional card that is not in a hand, but contributes to the overall strength of the hand. The kicker is a common example of a wild card in poker.

A bluff is a bet made with a hand that is not a strong hand. It is an attempt to take the other player’s equity. This is the opposite of a protection raise, which is a bet that is made with a hand that is not bluffing.

A bad beat jackpot is a big prize given to a player who loses a hand of poker. The payout is usually a percentage of the amount of the pot. A bad beat jackpot can also be awarded to a player who has an extremely strong hand.

The most popular poker variant is Hold’em. This format features two hole cards and three community cards. The first two or three players at the table are referred to as early position, while the last man is the winner.